Women in satin panties and other things I like


I don’t claim to understand other fetishes. I have a hard enough time explaining my own. I can show it, however.

Even today, with all the images available on the Inter-webs and whatnot, finding an image that “DOES IT’ for me is a pain in the ass sometimes. I make it even more of a challenge because I exclude half the shit that’s easily available:

No catalog shots, no Japanese Panty porn, no cotton (usually), no thongs (usually), I don’t like big fake tits, chicks who look like porn stars, most straight nudes and anything I deem too commercial. Oh. And Russian Porn. I FUCKING HATE RUSSIAN PORN!!!

It sucks to be me sometimes because the the well I draw from is pretty shallow. But I’m not bitching too loudly; no ever said looking at porn all day is hard work.

About 11 or 12 years ago I found a little Amateur panty website called PANTYFREEK.COM. I fucking loved it. I was like a panty oasis in th middle of a sea of commercial “seen it a million times” porn sites. The other night I actually ran into the guy who runs it and does the photography for it.

It was a little awkward, I mean, what do you say? “Dude I’ve jacked off to the pictures you took thousands of times! Thanks!” But he turned out to be  an OK Joe.

Usually when I pick an image, I have to wade through all of the photographer’s shitty shots to get the ONE decent one. The one the guy took as fluke because he didn’t have the skill, knowledge or desire to capture what a real Panty Fetishist looks for. Things like light reflecting off Satin, proper creasing, and appropriate fit. So what I end up posting here, what I LIKE, is often someone else’s mistake. Weird, huh?

So when I get hit by a bus, or die in a fiery plane crash and can’t get a post up that day, you shouldn’t miss me too bad. There’s still some great shit out there.

Here’s a link to his tumblr page:http://pantyfreek.tumblr.com/

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